Supply Chain

Gulf Drilling LLC’s (GD) supply chain policy governs procurement of goods and services of the right quality, from the right sources, in the right quantity, at the right time, and at the right price. All procurement actions are carried out in conformance with applicable legal and statutory requirements in the areas we operate and to meet or exceed the stated and implied requirements of our customers.


GD seeks the best industry partners across the world to help meet our customers’ needs. To register in GD’s supplier evaluation database, fill out the Supplier Pre-qualification and Approval Form completely, and submit it online.


All GD’s tenders of goods and/or services are subject to GD’s General Terms and Conditions for tenders of Goods and/or Services (GTC). The supplier’s acceptance of a tender order indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions, including price, currency, and delivery date, as stated on our tenders order.