MB Holding & MBPS managment team would like to congratulate MBPS for its outstanding HSE achivments. And their commitment toemployee safety.  They managed to achive the milestones listed below by following HSE policies and regulations, following plans and procedures, looking after themselves and most importantly looking after each other. Effective leadership and commitment towards safety were the main contributors towards this achievement. By placing a strong pledge on safety, the team successfully managed to mitigate all involved risks and also eliminate associated hazards.

Wire-line Daleel  has completed 13 Years without any LTI

Wire-line & Completion Safah Team has completed 10 Year without any LTI 

Hoist 34 has Completed 10 Years without any LTI.

Nimr Work-Shop has completed 9 Years without any LTI

MBPS Wire-line (Qarn-Alam Low Pressure ) has Completed 5 Years without any LTI.

Rig 115 ( Bahrain hoist) has completed 4 years without any LTI.

Hoist 42 Completed 3 Years without any LTI.

Hoist 3 has Completed 2 Years without any LTI.

CTU-8 has completed 2 years without any LTI.