In-Country Value

As one of the largest Middle Eastern Oilfield Service Companies based in Oman, GD firmly believes that it has a special responsibility in establishing increased employment and sustainable development opportunities within the country. The GD ICV plan involves a package of measures aimed at supporting local community companies through increased procurement of goods and services as well as improving the capacity and capability of Omani people and companies.

The key aims of the company’s ICV strategy are

  • Investment in Fixed Assets
  • Omanization in the Workforce
  • Training of Omani’s
  • Development of National Training, Education and R&D Institutions
  • Local Sourcing of the Goods & Subcontracted Services
  • Development of National Suppliers

Investment in Fixed Assets

GD has invested in several movable and immovable assets within Oman which include real estate, rigs, hoists, vehicles, camps, etc.

Omanization in the Workforce

GD has in excess of 86 % overall Omanization and drives an Omani Graduate Recruitment Program called ‘TATWEER’ in liaison with the Sultan Qaboos University and Caledonian The project aims to reach out to the youth of Oman who are on the threshold of entering the job market.

The programme is devised in accordance with industry best practices and carried out by MB Group of Companies’ highly qualified and experienced team of HR and Technical Professionals. The programme provides a customized and fit-for-purpose training and development opportunities aimed at producing well-trained, highly efficient and capable young Omanis, thereby supporting the Omanisation drive at all levels in the Group.

Training of Omanis

GD has its own in house Training center delivering HSE and Operations training to Omani Employees for – Drilling, Workover, Drilling Fluids, Mud Logging, Well Testing & Clean Up, Coiled Tubing, Slickline and Memory Logging. Over 20 HSE courses are administered in-house. The company’s in-house training center is accredited by International Association for Drilling Contractors (HSE Rig Pass) and by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF). Soft Skills & Management Training Programs are also provided in collaboration with the MB Training Institute (MBti).

Development of National Training, Education and R&D Institutions

Apart from providing employees with training internally, GD also engages a number of External Omani Training Institutions for enhancing the competencies of its employees. In addition to that, GD actively provides training to Omani University Students, Omanis working for competitors and clients, Local Community Contractor (LCC) Omani employees.

Local Sourcing of the Goods & Subcontracted Services

GD locally sources goods and services from over 30 Omani companies. Furthermore, the company also engages LCC’s for subcontracting services to boost Omani businesses and to create increased employment opportunities in the Sultanate.

Development of National Suppliers

GD through its sister company United Engineering Services (UES) provides engineering and maintenance support to drilling, workover and production services operations. The workshop has all the necessary equipment required for major repair and overhauls. It is located in Muscat and caters to the inspection, maintenance & certification of the drilling & work over rigs and ancillary equipment. The facility is equipped with fabrication facilities for heavy equipment and vessels, high pressure test bay, sand blasting & paint shop. The workshop has a storage yard for tubulars, heavy equipment and vessels and chemicals. In addition, the Rusayl Oilfield Center workshop has its own high-pressure test bay, fabrication shop, sand blasting and painting facilities.